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Moving Services

Have you reached that point in your life where it’s just time to move? Do you need to relocate for a new job? Did you decide to live closer to your parents? Whatever the reasons are that you have to move, either way, you’re in for a certain amount of stress.

Packing Bees Inc will alleviate most of the hardship by providing our top quality moving service at an affordable rate. Our prices don’t bite, we don’t have any hidden fees, our employees are well trained and have no less than one year of experience in the industry. We take care of your belongings as if they were our own, we go above and beyond to make your moving experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Don’t hire expensive world wide moving corporations. They don’t care much about how to satisfy your needs, for them you are one of the thousands of clients, all they want is your money. Hire local moving company like us or many others. We want to have you for our friend, you are an extremely valued customer for us, we want you to enjoy your move and tell your friends about how we did and use our services again. With that said now it’s time for you to make a decision 🙂 Whatever decision you made it is the right decision and we wish you best of luck with your following move and all your future moves.
Keep in mind that our rates for moving services are slightly higher than rates for other services we provide.

On the day of the move you can decide whichever works better for you:


  • You pack up your home.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • You can order supplies from us if you need them.


  • We customize a plan based on your needs.
  • We pack as much or as little as you like.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.


  • We bring all the materials and pack for you; or we only use your materials; or yours and then ours.
  • We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • You don’t have to lift a finger.

When we arrive to your new destination:


  • We place every box in the right room.
  • We place your furniture where you want it.
  • You take your time unpacking and settling in.


  • We place every box in the right room.
  • We place your furniture where you want it.
  • We unpack what you request and haul away the empty boxes.


  • We place your furniture right where you want it.
  • We unpack each box and place items for you to put away.
  • We haul away empty boxes after we’ve unpacked them.

Provided for free: Reusable Wardrobe Boxes, Moving Blankets and moving equipment, 1 roll of Shrink Wrap, up to 10 boxes (if available), 3 rolls of tape.

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