A Message From Us

Hello dear friends!

Thank you for visiting our website! Our names are Aleksa, Milos, and Milanko and we are the owners/operators of Packing Bees Movers. We are a family-owned and operated business.

In case you wanted to know a little more about our organization we will gladly share our story with you. It all started in 2014. Working as movers, for the first time, we were sent to the packing service job. That day we noticed how overwhelming preparation for the move may be but we’re excited to get the job done. It’s then that we realized that we want to become good at packing, and so we did!

We came up with the name Packing Bees because we wanted to emphasize that we are very hardworking and devoted to our job. Most customers love it, don’t you? I am strongly convinced that we were San Diego’s first packing company that specializes in household packing services. Back in 2014, there was no such category as packing service. Packing service was a part of the moving service even though most moving companies didn’t provide this service, some don’t until now. Movers would only take furniture and whatever was already boxed up by the customer and left everything else behind. Customers then had to deal with whatever they couldn’t pack in time for movers to take after the move. That felt so wrong to us and we kept working hard to change the industry. We gathered around us a group of great people who we owe our success. We started learning and implementing new things every day we would come out to the job. There was a new challenge for us every time.

Packing Bees Movers A Message From Us
Packing Bees Movers Message

In 2015 we grew into a corporation and became Packing Bees, Inc. Word spread and people started using our services more and more often. In 2017 more movers began to offer packing service which made it even more difficult to compete with them. So we took another step forward and became Packing Bees Movers. We didn’t become movers just by changing our name though. It wasn’t easy to become licensed in California, but here we are, – fully licensed and insured a moving company. Until this day, more than 50% of our jobs involve packing service. Our team consists of young and hardworking people who are professionally trained, friendly, energetic and always ready to come to the rescue. Today we serve local residents, businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. It is nearly impossible to find something related to moving that wouldn’t be able to handle. We pack for moving, remodeling, construction, storage, foreclosure, flood, fire and other emergencies. We are constantly improving our customer service which is one of our first priorities.

In 2019 a very important member of our company (Dmytro) decided to move out of state and he has entrusted us with his part of the company as well as customers. We are thankful for his friendship and guidance throughout the last few years and we look forward to helping you with your moving/packing needs.

Hope this information and testimonials below will help you to make the right decision.

Our Work Ethic

Packing Bees Movers Home Hero

Our office hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm daily Standard Pacific Time. Open 7 days a week and holidays without changing our rates. In order to be able to do that all of our appointments are subject to availability.

We speak English, Spanish and Serbian. We will find a way to connect!

We provide competitive hourly rates that are easy to understand as well as affordable packing supplies.

Flat rate quotes are also available if you move farther than 100 miles away. Walk-through appointment at your residence is required to receive a flat rate quote.

We are fully insured and licensed. Our license number is MTR 0192081.

For your peace of mind we carry $2 000 000 million liability insurance, cargo and workers compensation insurances.

Our Accreditation

Our Carrier Permit