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How To Declutter Before Moving

Planning a move? Decluttering beforehand can save you time, energy, and money. Here are top tips to help you streamline the process and start fresh in your new place.

11 Tips To Help You Declutter Before Moving

1. Get Motivated

Decluttering can be emotional and overwhelming. Focus on the benefits: saving money, possibly making money, and starting fresh. Freeing yourself from unneeded items is incredibly rewarding.</p>

2. Start Early

Don’t procrastinate. Start decluttering months in advance to reduce stress. Begin at least two, six, or even twelve months before your move.

3. Begin With Lesser-Used Rooms

Start with rooms you use the least and avoid starting with memorabilia. This helps you ease into the process and refine your decluttering skills.

4. Pack Along the Way

As you declutter, pack items you’re keeping. Ensure they are clean and organized. This reduces wasteful packing and makes unpacking easier.

5. Limit Memory Lane Trips

Emotional items will surface. Stay focused on the task. If something is deeply sentimental, keep it and revisit the memories later.

6. Use Piles to Sort Items

Sort items into piles: Keep, Trash, Shred, Donate, Sell, Store, and Recycle. This method keeps you organized and decisive.

7. Involve Your Kids

Involve your children in decluttering their belongings. Encourage honesty and generosity by asking if they still use or want certain items.

8. Schedule Decluttering Time

Set dedicated time for decluttering. Schedule one to three hours weekly. If moving soon, increase it to three to six hours.

9. Use a Portable Storage Container

Consider using a portable storage container. This is great for storing items temporarily or loading packed items at your own pace. They help if you need time to find a new home.

10. Hire Professional Help

If overwhelmed, consider hiring a professional organizer. They can provide expertise and support to efficiently complete the task.

Consider hiring a professional moving company in San Diego to ease the transition. With many reliable San Diego moving companies, you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

11. Go Through Everything

Leave no item unsorted. Go through every drawer, cabinet, and box. This ensures you only bring items you love and need to your new home.

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